Client Order: 1-800-database reporting and public service

The best weapon that you can use against fraudulent calls is knowledge. Knowledge is power after all and this is very helpful especially if this was your first time in getting a prank call.

Regardless if it’s a fraud or just a prank call to scare you, you have to deal with it seriously because anything can be a potential harm and risk. You don’t know if this is a prank call on a target audience or just directed to you. The best thing to deal with a prank call is to take it seriously and report it whenever needed.

client Order: 1-800-database is a website that can help you regardless if it’s your first time in getting a prank call or an expert in getting one (talk about being lucky), this website can help you identify your caller if they are indeed fraudulent or not. With a lot of people using this site for information and for public awareness, you can be sure that most prank calls are already reported on this website.

 A public service website: A good public service website that gives very helpful information for the general public to have more awareness on a simple prank call. You might not know, the number that contacted you already has escalated from doing prank calls to stalking in the past.

A website for data information: your experience is very helpful to help another person that got the same call as you, with this website you can nowdisseminate information to a vast number of people and give them that knowledge that they need to help them verify if what they receive is indeed a prank call. Save your family and friends from any prank call with this website by sharing this. This website relies mostly on the things that people report, that is why advertising this site to have many users will make this website more effective.

 A prevention website: some people might have already identified that the number that tried to extort them is fake, but not all people are like that. The reason why prank calls and threats thrived is not because of fun but because this type of / means of extortion has worked.

Disclaimer: This site doesn’t report any prank calls or any threats directly to 911 or any law enforcement if you feel that you are in danger  always call for help. This website is for the benefit of the public by supplying the needed information to help the public be knowledgeable about prank callers that try to scare, extort and even do the unthinkable.