How to Raise a6-Week-Old Puppy Hassle-Free

You might understand that taking care of your four-legged friend is not easy. When they are just 6-7 weeks old, it can be challenging to look after them, just like it is delightful to see theirtiny paws and yawns. There are bound to be complications along the way while you take care of the pup.

Your pets need nutritious food just like you, and a warm, cozy place to sleep. You’ll often find them slipping into yourbed or on the sofa till they are comfortable. It’s advisable that you to train your pets at an initial stage making your life as well as theirs smooth sailing.

The Happy Pooch provides hassle-free tips, and makes it easier for you to take good care of your puppy.

Safety is paramount

  • Always start with the basic care and necessities that include crate, collar, leash, separate bowls for food and water, puppy shampoo, and poop disposable bags.
  • Make sure you create a pleasant environment for your puppy because they will take some time to get adjusted to the environment.
  • Ensure the premises are safe and secure because puppies are delicate and can get hurt easily.

How to Raise a6-Week-Old Puppy Hassle-Free

Nourish your puppy

  • Talk to your vet about your puppy’s nutrition because certain puppieshave specific food requirement depending upon its breed.
  • Your six to seven-week-old puppies are in the process of weaning off from their mother’s milk to semisolid or viscous food, so choose their food carefully.
  • Use food that’sedible for your puppy. Look for something that provides enough calories and bone density for healthy growth.

Start training your pooch early

  • Important skills to include in your puppy behavior classes are potty training and staying in their crate. Teach your puppies not to chew things,or it’s going to harm their insides.
  • There are more chances of your puppies responding to training if there’s a toy in the picture that could attract their attention. The trick of the trade is to keep calm and be patient.

Teach your pooch to behave in public spots

You need to teach your pups to behave indoors and outdoors, as well as in public enclosures. It’s going to take some time, but it’s worth the effort and time. Train them to be home alone because puppies that aren’t supervised can become anxious and hyperactive.

When you’re not around them, make sure you leave fresh water, a comfy bed, and plenty of chew toys that are safe for your curious pooch to keep active. The Happy Pooch has a fantastic array of “all you need to know” to make sure your pet is well-raised.

Pups can be a handful to deal with if you’re a new owner. They make adorable companions, but you need to play your part to keep the balance alive and wagging.