Points to note if you wish to be an egg donor

Becoming an egg donor is quite easy provided you fulfil the qualifications that have been meted out the donation program, agency or the doctor. Remember, for whatever reasons you want to be an egg donor, you are doing a great service to humanity. You are giving someone the gift of being a mother and helping a family get a child of their own. At the same time, being an egg donor means you need to ready yourself and you need to be prepared. Here are some attributes that you should have if you wish to be an egg donor. Talk to the Los Angeles Egg donor agency today.

Commitment: When you promise to be an egg donor, you have to understand that you are giving a certain amount of time, may be a month or more, to the concerned persons. You have to take medicines, injections and even change your lifestyle as the doctor advises you. You need to be ready for examinations and then for egg retrieval at the clinic or hospital. Just think of the couple who have chosen you as their donor and that they have been waiting to conceive for months or even years. They count on you. So, stay committed.

Health: Both physical and mental health is of utmost importance for an egg donor. The agency or the clinic will do all the necessary tests to ensure that you are in good health and that you are fit to be an egg donor. You need to be a non-smoker and one who does not use drugs. Your daily alcohol intake too has to be reduced. While on medication, you may be advised not to drink at all. They will also do a psychological testing to see if you are indeed ready for the donation or not. If you wish to be an egg donor, try to maintain your ideal weight which should be proportionate to your height.

Birth control needs to be stopped: The doctor may advise so because any kind of birth control or implants may not be ideal for egg production. IN that case, listen to the doctor and act accordingly. Talk to the Los Angeles Egg donor agency today.

Other attributes: Education is also of importance as parents would want their donor to be intelligent. Having other skills such as sports player, artiste, dancer or singer also can help you in your choice as an egg donor. As those who choose egg donors would want a talented and smart donor as these traits will pass on to their child as well.