How should you eat the Durian fruit

For opening the durian fruits spiky and hard shell you require mitts or gloves for the protection of your hands. You must chop the outer shell with a sharp knife and open it before you remove the flesh. You could eat durians fresh or pair it with rice, or use it as a delicious ingredient in different dishes. You can order durian online.

You can also learn from the tutorials online to open the fruit and you can learn many recipes too.

The flesh of the durian is usually sold frozen. It changes its texture a little, which makes it more stringy and loose.

It is also employed in candy preparations. However, this might give you its flavor, it will not deliver the numerous health benefits.

What makes it smell so strong? 

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Beliefs are diverse about the smell of durian. A few people like it, while others do not so much.

The smell nonetheless is extremely strong and dominant and it has been characterized as a mixture of sewage, sulfur, honey, fruit, and roasted onions.

A study on the scented blends in the durian fruit established nearly 44 active solvents, which include a few that contribute to the aromas of caramel, fruit, skunk, and soup seasoning.

The durian fruit’s odor is so dominant that it’s restricted in a lot of hotels and even public transport operations in Southeastern Asia.

Your opinion of the durian fruit relies on whether the smell that appeals to you is sweet-smelling or you find the smelly compounds stronger. 

To Sum Up 

Durians contain perfumed blends that lend them a powerful odor. It is extremely nutritious, it includes minerals, B vitamins, plant compounds, vitamin c, fiber, and healthy fats. The taste and smell might not feel the same for everyone though.