English Translation and Certification Made Easy

Chiudesempre la finestra prima di cenare.Sound familiar? Do you understand what it says? Chances are that you don’t understand it at all. However, this particular language enjoys a great reputation of being spoken by around 85 million people all over the world. That works out to about 1 out of 9 people, well, almost!

If you haven’t figured out the language yet, here goes nothing: the language being discussed is Italian. Italian is often considered the language of romance after French, of course, and it’s known to have a very close resemblance to Latin. This in turn is based on the Tuscan Florentine dialect.

Italian is spoken and in nearly 5 countries across the world, where it’srecognized as the official language. Sometimes, there might be a requirement to produce a document or certificate in Italian that calls for Italian to English Translation Services. When this happens, it’s easy to finish the job by hiring DCH Translation to do the job.

English Translation and Certification Made Easy

Who are they and what do they do?

DCH translations are an agency that specializes in translating various documents from one language to another,while providing high-quality services to its clients. It has its headquarters in Manchester, United Kingdom.

The company offers services related to translation in several languages. It provides translation services in over 100 languages spoken around the world with linguistic specialists fluent in several languages.

Translation from/to Italian:

While there are a lot of agencies that provide translation services, it’s necessary to choose the right one. The translated documents and papers must be true to the original language, and must be valid to be accepted by Government institutions.

DCH Translation will be the obvious right choicewith its expertise in Italian to English Translation Services. Also, all translators employed by the agency are in-house translators who are native speakers of Italian, and have quite a good hold on the English language. Furthermore, they have at least 3 years of experience in translating articles.

All translations are also verified by a qualified proofreader; they are signed and dated, as an acknowledgement by a dedicated project manager, after which, these documents are certified with an affidavit.

All these services are available at an affordable price of £0.09 per word with the minimum amount of £20 and £40 for Ids and certificates respectively. And why wait? The agency offer service every day, every minute.