Different types of blended and roasted coffee from best places

Nectar of Life has been blending various forms of coffee since past many years. All coffees are purchased by Fair Trade method. All blended organic coffee is sold online and is roasted when the order is placed.

Americana Roasted

It is a perfect blend of shade grown gourmet coffees by the framers of America. This organic coffee bean is grown at an elevation of 4500 feet which develops slowly maintaining all needed flavors. Most of these coffees are blended in Strictly High Grown (SHG) or Strictly Hard Bean (SHB). It is roasted to a light or medium which is bright and clean.

Colombia Roasted

Colombian coffee is a mouth-filling blend of classic dark roasted gourmet flavor coffee. It is freshly roasted after an order and has a finishing touch of lush cocoa. It is fully organic in nature which is produced by Fair Trade farmers.

Different types of blended and roasted coffee from best places

French Roasted

French roasted coffee is one of the most demanded coffees by various customers. Firstly the best Indonesian full bodied coffee is taken. Secondly, South American SHG coffee is added which has good structure and complexity. Both these coffee beans are roasted properly till they are huge and black in the complex. The result is in the taste that blends the coffee drinker jump in joy.

Happy Place Roasted

The best-blended coffee that is grown in shade is brought which is high gourmet Arabic coffee. When the mood is tensed or wants to have a good time then it fulfills the entire requirement. From the first sip to the last drop a feeling of happiness is always there.

Morning Dew Roasted

Just as the name suggests it is the perfect coffee to start a good morning. The coffee is blended with the mixture from Indonesia and Central America. Both the coffees are roasted to a different level and mixed together in a right portion. With one sip of this coffee kicks off the morning in the best way.

Sumatra Roasted

This roasted coffee is one of the most flavored coffees in the world. The blend comes from a full bodied bean that contains all the elements brought from the regions of Gayoland in Sumatra, Indonesia. It is roasted dark and deep maintaining all its essentiality.

Ultimate Espresso

The purest essence of coffee only comes from the essence taste of Espresso. First, the finest shade grown coffee is collected. Secondly, it is roasted firmly for hours till the result is there. For deep Espresso lovers, this blend is a like a light in dark.