You Must Be Kidding with a Free Personal Trainer

The personal training industry is a lucrative industry. Professional and certified personal trainers earn better than most of their counterparts in other industries. But what would prompt the so – called free personal trainer to exist in an industry when good pay is assured of professional and certified personal trainers?

The coinage of the term free personal trainer could be misleading. Readers associate the word “trainer” to a person. Eventually, they get to have a notion that a free personal trainer is a certified personal training offering fitness instruction and services for free.

What it is…

  • Well – established fitness and health goals set
  • Professionally designed work out programs and meal plans
  • Deemed as effective in achieving physical fitness and health
  • Considered as a practical approach for those who stay at home
  • Free of charge and is customized based on individual fitness needs
  • Available online as applications, web pages, and media presentations

What it is not…

  • Professional or certified personal trainer
  • Fitness icon or guru found in gyms or fitness centers
  • Suggestive of face – to – face training and interaction
  • One – stop fitness provider for those who seek to be fit and healthy

Meanwhile, distinguishing a free personal trainer from what it is not leads to the unfolding of its essential elements such as the reason for its creation and how it is welcomed by users. Doubts are also cast away.

Why a free personal trainer is created…

  • Promote health and fitness to a larger population
  • Provide free health and fitness perspectives and plans of actions
  • Allow individuals to get fitness training at the comfort of their own homes
  • Provide an alternative to those who do not have the resources for paid personal training

How a free personal trainer appeals toits present and prospective users…

  • Creating a buzz online
  • Getting positive from feedback from current users
  • Increasing number of downloads of applications and programs

Really, there exists a free personal trainer. This breakthrough in the personal training industry has received an overwhelming support from professional personal trainers and free personal trainer users. It also hits a home run, if its main goal is to bring fitness closer to more people for free.

The emergence of a free personal trainer solidifies the ground, which holds all professional and certified personal trainers intact – their goal of promoting physical fitness and health while practically addressing certain challenges that hamper its achievement. Free personal trainer could be the new fitness icon of the future.