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Likes bets are far better with Socialist Likes Service

I have heard that many people use different ways to get more likes on their Facebook photos. I was not aware of this idea and also was never interested in it. But one as I was using Facebook my elder brother was standing and watching me. He saw that I was not having many likes on my pictures. He was laughing from inside and threw a challenge on me. He told me that if I get more than 100 likes on a new picture then he will stop drinking at weekdays. It was a good thing for me but getting likes in an instant was a bigger deal for me. I was not having many friends in my facebook account. Even if I ask people then getting 100 likes was an issue for me. I knew that the only thing left to do this is to go for facebook auto likes.

Searching for the Like service

Like my elder brother said that 100 likes and he will be quitting drinking at weekdays. This was the best thing that could happen. I told my brother that I will get 100 likes on a new picture but if only he is true to his words. Thus the challenge was accepted and he went back to his room. I started searching for facebook auto likes on various sites. Then I came to knew about Socialist and the rates of getting likes were much cheaper than I expected. Before going to buy a service I phoned one of my friends to understand more about it. After he heard the name Socialist he was telling me that I should take the services. I was astonished to know that he also used it and it was the secret of more number of likes in his pictures.

Winning the likes bet

I certainly bought a $60 for 250 likes service but I didn’t upload the picture at that time. In the morning when my brother was awake, I uploaded the photo in front of him. In just a matter of minutes that new picture was having likes. After there were enough likes few other facebook users started to like the picture too. My brother was astonished to see more than 100 likes and was wondering how this thing happened. As long as the bet was concerned he really stopped drinking at weekdays. Well, he is a man of his words and so am I. This service is really great which saved some part of a brother to stop drinking.