Top listed gaming headsets for Xbox one

Whether you are playing a game on a console such as Xbox one, the audio is one of the most important aspects of the game play. Without the proper audio facility, the whole game play becomes dull and boring too. Moreover, when it comes to competitive and online gaming, the sound plays an ultimate role and lets the players know the direction of the competitors. When you want to communicate with other players, you need a gaming headset that has a perfect as well as a quality microphone, immersive sound signature and also comfortable to wear. When you are going to wear it for a long time, you just take a look on these top 10 Xbox one headsets 2017 that are available with excellent features. Below are the top lists of Xbox one gaming headsets such as,

  1. Steel Series Arctis 5
  2. Madcatz Tritton Katana HD
  3. Turtle Beach Ear Force XO Seven Pro Premium
  4. Astro A50
  5. Plantronics Rig Flex LX
  6. Steel Series Siberia 800
  7. Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum
  8. Astro A40 Xbox One Edition
  9. Hyper X Cloud II
  10. Turtle Beach Ear Force Elite 800X

However, these headsets come with the Xbox one that allows you to enjoy the game play with amazing effects. Among these, you can decide to choose the perfect gaming headset for the Xbox one. Whether you are a budget friendly person, you just take a look at the top list best gaming headsets for Xbox one that you can purchase.

Excellent features of good Xbox one headset

The console gaming headsets must be able to offer comfort to the user. This is necessary for those who want to enjoy games for a long period of time. Now, the top 10 Xbox one headsets 2017 now come with the following excellent features such as,

Comfort to use

Before making your purchase, you must ensure whether it is comfort to use.

Great sound quality

A good comfort headset always produces the great sound quality.

Amazing sound effect

The sound effect is necessary to make the realism in your game play.

Shorter cable length

The cable length will find how far you can stay behind the screen.


The PC gaming headsets are geared with microphone that allows interaction during the game play.

Inline volume control

It helps to control the individual speaker levels.


The gaming headsets make use of vibration to recreate the physical sensation of bass frequencies.