Kodi Box is a Smart Box – Must Know:

Now comes the most exciting part: Using the so-called “Scraper”, Kodi automatically searches for information about films and series from the Internet and then presents the result in a nice presentation. In order for this to work, you must tell the program to set what kind of videos it is, such as movies or series. Locate the appropriate content, and, if necessary, turn on the “Movies in separate folders that match the movie title” setting. You can use the Options panel to set additional details, such as the language in which Kodi enters the movie content in the database. If you are satisfied with the settings, click on “Ok”. Kodi now starts in the background to scan the attached folders over the scrapers and build a movie and/or serial database.

Of course, you can also do without these features – just select the “None” option in “This folder”, to search the media only through the file and folder structure. You can add as many media folders as you want. Afterwards you can choose from the main menu of Kodi box by selecting “files” manually the movies to play or by “Database” access the advanced functions. Here, the Media Center lists, among other things, films and series sorted by genre, remembers what series of staging you have already watched and much more. Just navigate to the desired video and start playback. You can control the playback with the buttons on the Fire TV remote control or with the keyboard; you can also use the context menu to access special functions such as subtitles or language settings.

One more hint:

How well the automatic scrapers recognize your movies and series depends essentially on how the files are named. You have the best chances when you pack the films into individual folders with the film title, in series also helps the division by scale. If Kodi box named a movie incorrectly, open the context menu and choose “Manage”. Here you can edit the title manually and make other subtleties to update the database. There are also tools that help to rename large numbers of movies and series, such as the excellent FileBot. Fist rule: The better the video files are named, the better Kodi can build the database.