Some facts that you should be knowing about synthetic urine

What is synthetic urine? This term might be new a lot of people out there but as soon as you get the know the different uses that this type of urine has, you will be really impressed with it and even would want to use it too. Synthetic urine is basically an artificially made urine that is made by scientists in a laboratory and serves the purpose of animal repellent, fetish needs, etc and many more. There are many different places that you find this type of urine, which usually comes in a bottle. Following is some more information on synthetic urine that everyone will be willing to know.

This form of urine is really good for scientific uses and is used is a lab based product. This means that it is much cleaner and safer for different uses than the original form of urine and one will be use to fake a drug test using this form of urine too. It is much fresher and cleaner and free from all the harmful toxins that is in our usual urine. It comes with a specific gravity feature and has a good amount of creatinine in it and serves all the urine features that one can expect. When it comes to urine therapy, then this is one of the best forms that urine that you can think of. There are many cultures in the world out there that use urine as a form of medicine too. Some think that it is the best natural healer for a number of discomforting factors in the body. Ayurveda finds the use or urine in many matters and for more than five thousand years urine has been there for treating a number of sickness. In this form of medical literature, urine is termed as Amaroli.

synthetic urineSynthetic urine can be used for causing pranks as well. The fake urine feature allows it to irritate a lot of people and one can possibly imagine that how it would make someone feel if some form of fake urine is sprinkled over them just for mischief purpose. Later on you can calm the person down by highlighting the features of it and telling them it is totally safe and is free from all the harmful toxins that the original urine (human urine contains).

Now that you know how and where it available, get a bottle of synthetic urine today and avail all the features that the product has.