How to clean eyelash extensions?

Along with the eyelash extension, it is also very important for you to clean them properly. If you do not take care of them then the dust will be stuck in them which create a problem for you so take care of the cleanliness of eyelash. You can also ask your eyelash expert about the proper way to clean eyelashes. She will provide you washes by which you can wash your lashes and make them clean. If you don’t know about eyelash cleanliness then you must have to learn how to clean eyelash extensions. So that your eyelashes will stay for a longer period.

These are few points that will help you to know how to clean eyelash extensions:

how to clean eyelash extensions

  • Never clean your eyelashes within the 24 hours of eyelash extension appointment as it will ruin your eyelashes.
  • If you use oily makeup or too much makeup then you must have to cleanse lashes about twice or thrice a week every night.
  • You must have to use a specific lash extension foaming cleanser just to ensure that you are getting an anti-bacterial solution on your lashes. It will be good for your eye and lash as well. The cleanser will also help you to avoid potential glycols, oils, and other things as well.
  • Never use your regular facial cleanser to clean your eyelashes.
  • You must have to avoid using oil products like cleansers, moisturizers, cleansing oils, aromatherapy oils, spray toners, shampoo, and conditioners. As their particles can be stuck with your lashes which is not good for it

All these points are very important for the cleanliness of your eyelashes. Follow all the above points and if you are facing any issue then you can simply go with your expert. She will provide you detailed information regarding the eyelash extensions and their cleaning as well. Make sure that the expert will be experienced and licensed as well.