Logicode Company was founded in 1999, with its headquarters in Singapore. Logicode is one of the leading solutions integrators of involuntary identification and data collection in Singapore.

Nature of barcode scanners offered at Logicode Company.

The company offers an inclusive suite of technology solutions from identifying, tracking to managing the deployment of critical assets for improved business efficiency. As a trusted barcode scanner provider in Singapore, they install barcodes to work alongside our customers with the common objective of attaining a unified business intelligence tracking system, real-time. These scanners are available at the retail store, food and beverages outlets, and even in library Singapore. These handy scanners capture printed barcodes and QR codes, then analyze image data within the barcode and forward the barcode content to a digital source. The company has an experienced team of specialists who work competitively to ensure optimal industry solutions while addressing every customer’s crucial. While they continuously look for innovative solutions at reasonable prices, they stay true to their belief of never compromising quality and service delivery.

Logicode has a wide range of barcode scanners including; 2D scanners, cordless and corded scanners, and handheld scanners. Logicode has a wide-ranging collection of high-performance scanners that can export data from barcodes to a computer via Bluetooth. They are fit for retail, banking, post, and many more places. The company has the best customer support team of technical specialists and experts who provide quality products and services that will suit the customer’s needs and satisfaction. You can shop scanners in Singapore anywhere with Logicode Company. With the emergence of these scanners, all business owners are now enjoying automatic consolidation and exportation of data promptly without manual input which is a bit tiresome and time-consuming. Essentially, using this scanner allows for error-free data collection processes