Top 3 Impact Wrenches in The Market

When you plan to buy any tool, you know whether it is an online store or a physical one, you are bombarded with a sea full of brands that you know nothing about. Here, instead of shooting an arrow in the dark, you should educate yourself as to what could be the best brand. So is the case with an impact wrench just like other tools. So, if you are looking for the best impact wrenches in the market currently, you are at the right place. Here’s a list of top three impact wrenches in the market.

Dewalt DCF899P2-GB 18V

This is a brushless impact wrench that has a very high torque of 50Nm and 2400 impacts per minute. The added features are that it has a high-intensity bright white LED that enhances visibility. It has three different torque settings that help you choose the one that suits your use the best. You can settle down for less speed when your task doesn’t require too much of impact, and increase when needed. This impact wrench greatly suits working on heavy-duty machinery since it has a fan-cooled electronic motor. It is a cordless impact wrench and comes with a 5.0AH Li-ion rechargeable battery.  As compared to any other cordless impact wrench, this one is value for money.

Milwaukee HD18HIWF402 18V

This one is an 18V cordless impact wrench as well, offering 610Nm torque that does great even for toughest applications. There is a friction ring in it that allows the socket to be released quickly and effortlessly. If you work on heavy machinery, cars, and other automobile, this one is quite a choice since it has been designed keeping in mind the durability factor. As compared to the other models, it is light-weight and has a 4-pole motor that is frameless. There’s also a fuel gauge that helps you track the battery charge status.

Makita DTW251RMJ 18V

Makita DTW251RMJ offer 3200 impacts a minute and 230Nm torque. This is best suited for being used in car maintenance, steel erection, and steel fabrication. It is quite compact and light weight compared to the other models because of which working with this tool becomes a lot more comfortable and less straining. It is also comes handy when you want to reach places that are hard to reach. Being one of the cordless impact wrenches, it comes with 4Ah rechargeable battery pack.