Get good looking earphones at affordable price

If you love music and want to gift an appropriate gift to your loved ones, you can think of gifting the best headphones. The headphones come in various types and are expensive too. If you understand the types and purchase smartly about your requirements of a good headphone, you can purchase it in affordable cost and best model. We all might have used headphones once in a while, whether they are big ‘b’ shaped or small wireless in-ear or noise cancelling headphones, choosing them right one is very essential. Important aspects like getting a right sound and comfort to ears should be checked, before we spend good bucks on the product. Find the best headphones for music under 200 here.

Types of Headphones:

  1. Ear bud headphones: These are also known as in-ear headphones. They contain some tiny ear buds which go into the ear canal of the ear. They are simple and easy to use, even on the go. They are comfortable and provide some noise cancellation. But, if you want complete noise cancellation, these are not the best ones. Lots of them are prone to falling out while exercising or running, hence they might not be best choice for you.

  1. Ear Pad Headphones: They are usually small size and do not cover the entire ears. They have been in the market, since the advent of iPod’s. They sit outside ears and do not make your ear hot. The open-back model of the headphones provides good sound and is good even while exercising. They are also portable and good on the go.
  1. Full-Size headphones: They come with large ear buds that cover with the entire ear. These types of headphones provide great sound clarity, amazing bass and perfect isolation from outdoor noise. They are mostly comfortable on all the ears. Find the best headphones for music under 200
  1. Noise cancellation Headphones: These come with separate mechanism. They are best suited for personal monitoring and listening. Most of the sound isolating headphone provide up to 37 db of outdoor noise cancellation. They have an acoustic seal, routes audio signals to the nozzles.

You can check on the different types of headphone basing on your comfort and sound effects. Few headphones like V ModaCrossFade LP, Sennheiser HD558, AudioTechnica AtH-M50 are well acclaimed headphones available today. They are the most appreciated headphone by DJ’s and musicians. They can be purchased less than 200$.