A guide to buy tequila Singapore

Tequila is a choice of beverage for many people. It is loved and enjoyed on occasions and parties by many people. Below is the ultimate guide that will help you buy tequila singapore that you and your friends and family love.

Well tequila

This tequila is perfect for occasions where many people want to do shots but cannot afford to spend a lot of money. It is priced very reasonably and is affordable for most people. This tequila is also the perfect choice for cocktails and mixed drinks. Some tequilas that come under this range include:

  • Olmeca Altos
  • Bracero Blanco
  • Cabrito Blanco

buy tequila singapore

Silver tequila

This is one of the most beloved tequilas that is preferred for shots and cocktails. It is one of the most accurate forms of tequila available. Although it has a slightly higher price, it is justifiable as it is made using old techniques and is entirely artisanal. This is often aged in many decade-old barrels, which gives them a much more unique and earthy flavor. This includes:

  • Tapatio Blanco 110
  • Fortaleza still strength


This tequila is often aged in newer barrels for a shorter amount of time, ranging from a few months to a year. The new barrels impart a vanilla and smoky flavor to the tequila. This is great for sipping and shots, though often less preferred for cocktails.

  • Siembra valles reposado
  • Volcan de Mi Tierra