The innovation of Amsoil Company

The Amsoil company has been a name for innovation and quality products since it was launched some 40 years ago. Since then, the company hasn’t looked back and the products released by it have been used world over.

The prominent product of Amsoil company has been their synthetic oils for automobiles. Earlier, synthetic oils were used only in jet fighters. Synthetic oils for vehicles have proved to be very effective in prolonging engine life and reducing its maintenance needs.

Amsoil production

Amsoil production takes place in its corporate headquarters and manufacturing plants in Superior, Wisconsin. Other warehouses are also located all over America and some outside.

The production of Amsoil is done under a lot of care for purity and quality. The blending machines and storage capacity for the synthetic oil is huge. Special tools and machinery are used along with multiple filters. This ensures the production of synthetic oil of the highest quality.

Amsoil research

In its quest for bringing new products and constant innovation, Amsoil has made research and testing a huge priority in its labs. Amsoil has an all-specialist crew that continuously strives to make innovative additions to both its new products and old ones.

Amsoil also performs regular quality tests for its products to make sure they deliver their best to the world. You can become an Amsoil preferred customer and avail huge benefits on all Amsoil products and purchases.

The products of Amsoil are tested for international quality. That is why even abroad the quality of our synthetic oil products are an example. The tests include film and shear strength tests, flashpoint tests, volatility and high- and low-temperature viscosity.

Field Testing

Amsoil products are not just lab tested, they are also field tested. They have been tested in trucks, all kinds of automobiles and industrial equipment all over the world. The quality of Amsoil products often stun users and they become Amsoil preferred customer thereof.